About Us

We are a group of Twitter evangelists, who spend our days explaining to small and medium size businesses how important Twitter can be for them.

Our experience has shown us that being strategic about building quality audiences translates into more authentic engagement. The kind of connections and engagement that makes Twitter’s ecosystem more valuable to all involved.

We realize that finding Twitter profiles that are relevant to a business and its goals can often be challenging. We also realize that there are a plethora of “get followers fast”, “buy 1000 followers” scams and services out there that detract from Twitter’s overall value and compromise the very ecosystem they the claim to support.

We believe that herein lies the opportunity. We believe that there is room for a tool that helps legit Twitter users find other legit Twitter users in an authentic and responsible way. A tool that allows for the following:

  • A mom-and-pop pizza shop to connect with tweeps locally that might be interested in their specials and promotions. Tweeps near them that could actually make good on a buy-one-get-one free offer.
  • An online retailer that specializes in dirt-bike equipment and parts to connect with self-proclaimed dirt-bike enthusiasts.

A responsible tool that is not meant to be used for aggressive following/unfollowing and has built in limits to prevent this.

So we decided to build it and hope that you share our belief that a legit tool like this is good for your profile and for Twitter as a whole.