tweepwise Case Study

Now more than ever agencies are in the business of managing the Twitter accounts of their clients. The most basic deliverables agencies provide their clients are:

  • Tweeting on their behalf
  • Engaging with their followers via @message, Direct Message, #hashtags
  • Building an audience of followers

Of these three deliverables, building an audience of followers is by far the most burdensome and time consuming.

In a recent case study, a large social media marketing agency – which helps small businesses have success on Twitter – calculated the number of hours they were spending per account on Twitter audience building per month. This calculation came out to about $40/account per month. Problem was that they have over 1,000 clients, so they were spending roughly $40,000 per month in staff time on Twitter audience building, and they weren’t necessarily happy with the results they were getting. Their staff was burned out on trying to find new people to follow, keeping track of who they followed and figuring out who they needed to unfollow.

This agency had tools to help them manage content and engagement – scheduled tweets, prompts to respond to @messages, direct messages, and brand mentions. Tools like Radian6, Co-tweet, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck. But they were trying to track and manage their audience building activities with an excel spreadsheet.

The agency had looked into the tools that advertise "Twitter audience building" as a key benefit but found that these solutions either disregarded Twitter’s terms of use or were really spammy and returned fake or inactive followers that weren’t worth anything. The agency wasn’t interested in walking in that minefield.

Agencies, like the one in the aforementioned case study, need a Twitter audience building solution that is effective, saves them time, and is safe to use.

tweepwise is that solution. Agencies can now build audiences for their clients with confidence. tweepwise simplifies and speeds up an agency account manager’s ability to target highly relevant users. So what used to take hours and an excel spreadsheet now takes minutes. tweepwise also provides comprehensive visibility and control, making recommendations to account managers on who to follow and unfollow on a daily basis.
Lastly tweepwise is a platform that is built with Twitter’s terms of use in mind.

That is why leading social media marketing companies rely on tweepwise for the audience building of their own profiles and those of their clients.

It’s time to say "goodbye" to the burden of building and audience on Twitter.